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As the Brexit deadline nears, UK pavilions think ahead to the Venice Biennale

Nearly two months ahead of the start of the 58th Venice Biennale, artists and galleries from the UK are already shipping artworks to mainland Europe for safe holding. The extra […]

In memoriam: American “pop-realist” painter Don Nice

American painter Don Nice, often described as a “pop-realist” whose unique relationship with the American landscape and iconography defied categories, has died at age 86. He is perhaps best known […]

Carolee Schneemann, pioneering performance artist

A painter, filmmaker, writer, and performance artist and installation artist whose works confronted taboos around the body, gender and sexuality, the performance-art pioneer Carolee Schneemann recently passed at her home in […]

The Venice Biennale announces artists list for ‘May You Live in Interesting Times’

After months of speculation and curiosity over who would be part of the Venice Biennale’s main show ‘May You Live in Interesting Times,’ running from May 11th through November 24th, the wait […]

Artist interview: Clemence Vazard and #monpremierharcelement

Clemence Vazard is a French artist who, in 2016, began working with women to record the story of their first experience of harassment. She brought the stories together to create […]

5 art podcasts to add to your subscribe list

Everyone, close your eyes and raise your hand if you’re one of the millions of people who love listening to podcasts. Oh, perfect! I’m not the only one out there […]

A look at a Seicento Roman workshop

The exhibition being shown by Galerie Nationale d’art Ancien of Rome at Palais Barberini may be small in scope (not because of the size of the paintings!), but it’s significant […]