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How LGBTQ tours are changing the game from the V&A to the Polar Museum

In 2015, London’s Victoria & Albert Museum (V&A) introduced a new tour to their line-up of free guided tours featuring their displayed collection: the LGBTQ tour. On the last Saturday of each month, guests are invited to join one of the tours emphasizing the V&A’s relationship with artists and patrons represented in the museum that have […]

Vasarely, from every angle

Until May 6th Le Centre Pompidou is hosting a major retrospective called Victor Vasarely the sharing of shapes 1907 – 1996. This exhibit covers the artist’s entire career in chronological order. The exhibit’s curators Michel Gauthier and Arnauld Pierre have chosen to approach his work in all its aspects, simultaneously showing paintings, sculptures and architectural […]

Paris’s Galerie Bernheim-Jeune Closes

After a glorious 150-year run, the widely celebrated Galerie Bernheim-Jeune is permanently closing its doors in Paris. The gallery has earned a global reputation for presenting the best of the avant-garde and widely contributing to some of the greatest artists’ careers. Le Journal des Arts reports that the gallery’s board has officially closed the space to pursue […]

The UK Art World Prepares for Brexit

As the Brexit deadline looms with no clarity on what to expect after March 29, the art world in the UK is beginning to take action. Auctioneers, galleries, dealers and artists are all trying to assess the challenges of Brexit, including the tariffs to be paid and saved, as well as the opportunities lost or […]

German museum to repatriate artefacts previously belonging to Namibian hero

In a few days, on March 1st, Stuttgart’s Linden Museum will return artefacts that once belonged to Namibian national hero Hendrik Witbooi to their home country. Theresia Bauer, Germany’s state minister for science, will head to Gibeon, Witbooi’s hometown in Namibia, to hand the artefacts, namely a bible and whip, over to Hage Geingobin, the […]

Thousands of items missing from France’s Mobilier National according to recent report

A recent report by France’s national audit office recently release a report of the Mobilier National (MN) that found less-than-stellar results. The MN, which was set up in the 17th-century, is a supplier of fine goods to furnish the likes of royal palaces. For example, it has provided furniture and tapestries to accommodate the needs […]

One of the most prolific art thieves has been arrested…again

Literal buckets of cash were found after raiding the house of Stéphane Breitwieser’s mother following his most recent arrest. Last week, Breitwieser was busted once again, this time in Alsace. Since 2016, authorities have been onto Breitwieser’s, who the Guardian once referred to as ‘the world’s most consistently successful art thief,’ trail after he tried […]