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German museum to repatriate artefacts previously belonging to Namibian hero

In a few days, on March 1st, Stuttgart’s Linden Museum will return artefacts that once belonged to Namibian national hero Hendrik Witbooi to their home country. Theresia Bauer, Germany’s state […]

Thousands of items missing from France’s Mobilier National according to recent report

A recent report by France’s national audit office recently release a report of the Mobilier National (MN) that found less-than-stellar results. The MN, which was set up in the 17th-century, […]

One of the most prolific art thieves has been arrested…again

Literal buckets of cash were found after raiding the house of Stéphane Breitwieser’s mother following his most recent arrest. Last week, Breitwieser was busted once again, this time in Alsace. […]

Valentine’s Day protest seeks equality and diversity at DC’s National Gallery of Art

On February 14th, the international day of celebrating or bemoaning love, the activist group Radical Matriarchy set up at DC’s National Gallery of Art (NGA) asking for a little love […]

‘All the Rembrandts’ the Rijksmuseum has to offer

‘All the Rembrandts’ sounds like an overzealous demand from a museum curator eager to get their hands on works by the great Dutch Master. However, it’s the title of the […]

Diamonds on end-of-century awnings

Today’s column breaks from the usual format of commenting on French cultural news in order to discuss an Italian institution that has been the target of violent attacks stemming from […]

‘The Flying Photographer’: a documentary showcasing Fernando Guerra

‘The Flying Photographer’ is a new film that brings architecture, photography, and documentary together into one beautiful package. The documentary sheds light on the elusive Fernando Guerra, one of the […]