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The space between Frieze Art Fair and Regent’s Park

Regent’s Park is an oasis on the northern side of London, just inside the Underground’s Zone One limits. Designed by Markham Nesfield in 1866, the English style gardens are a […]

New study shows supporters of Brexit and Remain have different artistic taste

According to a study from three Oxford University sociologists, Brexit supporters have a preference for realism in art while Remain supporters are more likely to opt for impressionist works. The researchers’ paper, […]

Musemio: bringing curriculum, museums, and augmented reality together

Is walking through a gallery enough? As we scroll through endless streams of ‘new’ content can the traditional feel of a museum satisfy the senses? Is it ‘enough’ to merely […]

Private Equity Firm Abraaj Group to sell off its collection at Bonhams this October

The struggling private equity firm, Abraaj Group, is auctioning off its private art collection. All of the works in its collections are in the process of being sold at auctions in London this month, […]

Egon Schielle and Jean-michel Basquiat are exhibited at the Louis Vuitton Foundation

Two controversial figures of the twentieth century are put under the spotlight at the prestigious Louis Vuitton Foundation from 3 October 2018 until 14 January 2019. The building’s remarkable Frank […]

Does Berlin’s skyrocketing real estate market make it another New York, London, or Paris?

Since German reunification in 1990, Berlin has provided artists the world over with a relatively inexpensive base and a vibrant, hip, and intellectual atmosphere to undertake their work. It ranks just second […]

Tate’s Most Popular Ever Exhibition Held in Shanghai

Surprisingly, Tate’s most popular ever exhibition was not held in any of London’s galleries. It wasn’t even held in any European or American galleries. Its most popular exhibition was actually staged in Shanghai. Landscapes […]