Musemio: bringing curriculum, museums, and augmented reality together

Musemio: bringing curriculum, museums, and augmented reality together
Musemio COO, Kaitlin Fritz and CEO, Olga Kravchenko. Image courtesy of Musemio
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Is walking through a gallery enough? As we scroll through endless streams of ‘new’ content can the traditional feel of a museum satisfy the senses?

Is it ‘enough’ to merely look at artworks and artifacts presented through traditional means? Is to too much to bring together modern technologies and classic venues? Questions like these arise as the concept of ‘enough’ shifts when new technologies push against the traditional confines of museums.

The limits of what can be imagined or what unknowingly exists in the space between you and the objects is therefore stretched. These technologies are already in full swing transforming the everyday-ness of life through the form of augmented and virtual reality.

As AR, VR, and AI bring to life new ways to interact with the world that surrounds us, Musemio hones in on the education of UK students through the use of augmented reality. The brain child of COO Kaitlin Fritz, and CEO Olga Kravchenko, Musemio focuses on making museums more accessible for children through play. Through the ‘language’ of play, Fritz and Kravchenko hope to uniquely alter the museum experience for their audience.

For those who use the technology, the number of people who use the device increases the number of users. That subject is connected to the subject and to the subject of the subject. Musemio will engage students by providing them with adventures, challenges, and games to stimulate and enhance the ways they interact with the museums they experience.

Musemio differs from other apps in the market by working alongside educators and their curriculums. The app also allows parents and educators to receive feedback on their children and students. Musemio thus unites pedagogy, technology, and available content through the pillars of knowledge, culture, and imagination.

Fritz and Kravchenko’s app has undergone market trials and received recognition as Founder’s Factory’s F-Factor Finalist, UCL Launch Program’s winner, and YC Start Up School participant. With studies showing the impact AR technology has on learning, the app will target UK students between ages 8 and 12, specifically working with international museums throughout London, America, and the Middle East

Musemio is one way in which tech and the museum world are joining forces to create novel and engaging experiences. As accessibility through the new avenues soars, one can only imagine the changes in store for museum-goers of any age.

You’ll find the registration for the waiting list for Musemio’s launch here as the app is still developing. For more information on Musemio and the women behind the app, click here .