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Magic Art comes to Moscow- a retrospect of Salvador Dalí

There has never been an artist more identifiable than Salvador Dalí- in both his work and his person. The surrealist was a pioneer of the movement, and his influence is unprecedented. His melting clocks of The Persistence of Memory and his elephants with elongated limbs in The Elephants are icons in the artistic zeitgeist. And […]

From surrealism to abstract expressionism, the practice of Arshile Gorky

 “I don’t like the word ‘finish’. When something is finished, that means it’s dead, doesn’t it? I believe in things that last forever. I never finish a painting – I merely stop working on it for a while. I love painting because it’s something that I can never complete”. These few words, taken from an […]

Manhattan gallery brings Calder Crags and Vanuatu Totems together again

Venus Over Manhattan has created an exhibition of works, that on the surface, seem quite the juxtaposition. Visitors find works by Alexander Calder situated right next to totems and figures from Vanuatu, a Pacific nation of around 80 islands, in ‘Calder Crags and Vanuatu Totems from the Collection of Wayne Heathcote.’ However, upon closer inspection, […]

Jean-Jacques Lequeu’s imagination finally finds favour with Paris show

Jean-Jacques Lequeu’s story (1757-1826) is a story of absolute failure. Born in Rouen, he was sent to pursue architecture studies in Rome in his early 20’s. As he made his way back to Paris however, he failed to make a name for himself in both the practice of architecture as well as architecture theory. None […]

Lobster telephone by Salvador Dalí to remain in the UK

Lobster Telephone (White Aphrodisiac), one of Salvador Dalí’s renowned lobster phones, will remain in the UK after the National Gallery of Scotland (NGS) acquired it for £853,000. The Surrealist, white lobster telephone was sold at auction to a foreign buyer before UK arts minister Michael Ellis put a temporary export bar on the artwork to […]