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After 300 years, Titian’s ‘Poesies’ will reunite

For the first time in more than 300 years, one of the most significant series of high Renaissance paintings will reunite thanks to the partnership of galleries in London, Boston, Edinburgh, and Madrid. Together, the paintings will be shown in an exhibition called ‘Titian: Love, Desire, Death’ that will kick off in March of 2020. […]

Self-portrait by Artemisia Gentileschi pops up in unusual places

The rare Self-Portrait as Saint Catherine of Alexandria (c. 1615-1617) by Artemisia Gentileschi made headlines early last year when London’s National Gallery acquired the painting making it the first work by Gentileschi to enter the museum’s collection. The painting surfaced at a French auction house in 2017 and the National Gallery purchased it for £3.5 […]

Lawsuit concerning ownership of a Matisse rejected by Supreme Court

The US Supreme Court declined to hear a case that worked its way up through the US justice system concerning the legal ownership of a painting by Henri Matisse. Portrait of Greta Moll, made in 1908, resides in the stores at London’s National Gallery (NG). However, three of Greta Moll’s grandchildren were demanding $30 million […]

Six exhibitions you don’t want to miss this year in London

With 2018 firmly in our rear-view mirrors, it’s high time to start venturing into the new year. It’s time to start planning out what we want to do with our weekends and days off. Well, we’ve got you covered with six must-see exhibitions in London so prepare your trips to England’s capital city everyone. ‘Bill […]

2018 in Museum Acquisitions

Museum acquisitions have the power to truly transform institutions and this was especially the case for some in 2018. Here, we reflect at some of the most groundbreaking museum acquisitions of the year. Baltimore Museum of Art Deaccession of Blue Chip art to fund works by underrepresented artists Almost all institution leaders talk about the […]