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Ai Weiwei is suing Volkswagen for using his work without permission

Chinese artist Ai Weiwei is taking German automaker Volkswagen to court in Denmark for copyright infringement after his work appeared in an an advertisement published in 2017 without his permission. The ad, which featured an orange car, used his installation Soleil Levant (2017) as a backdrop. The installation was created using 3,500 discarded orange life jackets used […]

Harvard University profits from early photos of slaves, lawsuit says

Harvard University has been is caught up in a lawsuit that alleges it has been “shamelessly” profiting from photos of two 19th-century slaves while purposely ignoring requests to return the photos and their rights to the slaves’ descendants. The lawsuit, which was filed last week, accuses the Ivy League university for exploiting an enslaved man […]

Artist Vladimir Kush sues singer Ariana Grande for copyright infringement

Pop star Ariana Grande is facing a lawsuit concerning copyright infringement for her ‘God is a Woman’ video released in July 2018. The lawsuit was filed by Russian-American artist Vladimir Kush, based in Las Vegas, and his company Kush Fine Arts Las Vegas on January 31st. Kush claims that Grande ripped off artworks of his […]

Jeff Koons Sued for Copying Old French Advert

American artist Jeff Koons is no stranger to controversy, let alone lawsuits. Adding to the long list of class action lawsuits against the famous American artist, The Art Newspaper reports that Koons is being accused of plagiarising an iconic French advertisement that ran in 1985 in one of his celebrated sculptures, Fait d’Hiver. Franck Davidovici, […]