Tate Modern edges out British Museum for top attendance spot

Drum roll, please… Recently, Visit England, a tourism organization, released the findings of their survey assessing what museums were most popular in 2018. The report found that Tate Modern saw an increase of four percent in attendance allowing it to overtake the British Museum as the most visited museum last year. Tate Modern is one […]

UK places export bans on works by Turner and Monet

The UK has recently placed export bans on two major works of art, one sold for millions of pounds and another is worth millions, in the hopes of keeping them both in the country. The Dark Rigi by JMW Turner Painted in 1842, the watercolour by Turner is the last painting of a series the […]

Ironic issues of censorship at the Aichi Triennale

Just days after the Aichi Triennale opened on August 1st in Nagoya, Japan, it was hit with issues of censorship, ironically concerning a small exhibition about censorship. Within the 2019 edition of the Triennale, ‘After “Freedom of Expression?”’ was a mini-show that exhibited works dealing with the rough history of censored artworks in Japan. Among […]

Europe’s tallest roadside work of art to be unveiled in Belgium

A highway in Belgium has been confirmed as the site of the world’s tallest public artwork, measuring at an astounding 60 metres, or twice the height of the statue of Jesus Christ in Rio de Janeiro and significantly taller than the Statue of Liberty in New York. The 250-tonne steel structure is called Arc Majeur  […]

Kate Klingbeil: Painting the Recovery of the Feminine

Kate Klingbeil “Summer Wind,” 2019. Approx. 16 x 20 inches. Photographed as installed at the Monya Rowe Gallery, NYC. I first saw Kate Klingbeil’s work at the Gallery in 2018. As Klingbeil’s total body work represents the most important inquiry that can happen in the world. cultural production of art today: the exaltation of the […]

Pioneering legacy- Remembering Girish Karnad

On June 10th, revered Indian playwright, actor, and director Girish Karnad passed away. Leaving behind a monumental legacy as a pioneering artist of the 60s and onwards, Karnad has been lionized extensively in his death. Theatre and Bollywood fans have been expressing their grief as well as their gratefulness to the late artists, Indian politician […]

The blood flows in Anish Kapoor’s newest show

Blood gushes from Anish Kapoor’s new works on show at the Lisson Gallery in London. Not literally, but close enough in some cases of his silicone and fibreglass reliefs. A gauze dangles beneath the works and is spattered with red. His oil paintings, meanwhile, contain blood-red splashes and spurts emanating from pink and black cavities. […]