Art Basel highlights the art trading which takes place in the shadows

Art Basel—the world’s biggest art fair— kicks off this week, with thousands of art lovers expected to descend on the Swiss city for six days of lavish events and art […]

Trump ‘baby blimp’ could head to the Museum of London

With president Donald Trump’s state visit to the UK, there comes a lot of praise and controversy that tends to bring people out into the streets. His current visit is […]

Louvre staff strike due to ‘suffocating’ guest counts

On the homepage of the Louvre’s website, one of the sliders urges potential visitors to buy their tickets in advance as the museum is ‘exceptionally busy.’ On Monday, the Louvre […]

Harriet Tubman won’t make $20 bill until after the Trump administration

In 2016, it was announced by, then secretary of the treasury, Jacob Lew of the Obama administration that Harriet Tubman would replace Andrew Jackson on the front of the US […]

The Search for Lost Transcendence: Cosmic mysticism in Jordan Belson’s films and painting

Jordan Belson work, as installed at the Matthew Mark Gallery Having lost transcendence in the West, we have turned to the East, yearning to overcome the ails of staunch capitalism […]

The Revival Of Psyche’s Beauty: Wiseman’s Interior, Richter’s Transcendence, and The Hyperreal Hudson Yards

April, 27, New York City: Chelsea and the new construction in the Hudson Yards, a strange renaissance of contemporary culture and art is flourishing. This past April, Kasmin, presented by […]

AC unit to blame for museum blaze in Brazil

Seven months after a devastating fire swept through Brazil’s National Museum, an air conditioning unit has been cited as the ‘primary cause’ of the blaze. The announcement was made by […]