Laurie Hurwitz

Laurie Hurwitz is a curator, art writer and translator. Senior curator at the Maison européenne de la photographie, she has contributes regularly to American and British art magazines.

In memoriam: American “pop-realist” painter Don Nice

American painter Don Nice, often described as a “pop-realist” whose unique relationship with the American landscape and iconography defied categories, has died at age 86. He is perhaps best known for his early works, which focused on single, isolated objects—a bunch of grapes, candy bars, sneakers, buffalo—against a plain background; in later works, he broke […]

Carolee Schneemann, pioneering performance artist

A painter, filmmaker, writer, and performance artist and installation artist whose works confronted taboos around the body, gender and sexuality, the performance-art pioneer Carolee Schneemann recently passed at her home in New Paltz, N.Y. at the age of 79 due to breast cancer. Schneemann began as a painter. In 1961, after completing her master’s degree in […]

Arata Isozaki wins the 2019 Pritzker Architecture Prize

The 87-year-old Japanese architect, urban planner and theorist Arata Isozaki has been named the 2019 laureate of the Pritzker Architecture Prize, the field’s highest honor. The award’s 46th recipient, and the 8th from Japan, Isozaki, who has long been considered a visionary, is known among his peers as “the emperor of Japanese architecture.” The internationally […]

Stéphane Couturier at galerie RX and the Fernand Léger National Museum

In two beautiful exhibitions presented at the Parisian gallery RX (March 16 – April 25, 2019) and at the Fernand Léger National Museum in Biot, Alpes-Maritimes (October 6, 2018 – April 29, 2019), French artist Stéphane Couturier’s surprising works blurred the boundaries between photography and the so-called “plastic” arts, in particular in dialogue with the […]

Ellsworth Kelly’s “Windows” at Pompidou and Cahiers d’Art

Modest and transcendent, limpid and luminous, an intimate exhibition of some 50 works at the Centre Pompidou, through May 27, 2019, pays tribute to American painter Ellsworth Kelly, whose poetic minimalism redefined artistic abstraction. The exhibition’s curator, Jean-Pierre Criqui, has brought together for the first time the series of six iconic works on windows, starting […]

Visionary art dealer Carla Pellegrini (1931–2019)

Carla Pellegrini, the director of the Italian gallery Galleria Milano in Milan since 1965, recently passed away at the age of 87. The visionary avant-garde dealer offered such artists as Ed Ruscha, Georg Baselitz, and Sigmar Polke their first major shows in Italy. During her lengthy career, Pellegrini staged some three hundred exhibitions at the […]

Another side of David Perlov at Paris’ Jewish Museum

As Jean Clair’s fascinating “Sigmund Freud: From Looking to Listening” comes to an end at Paris’ Museum of Jewish Art and History, a modest, more easily overlooked exhibition, on display through March 31, is still well worth the detour. Tucked away in a one-room contemporary-art gallery to the right of the museum’s elegant courtyard Filmmaker, […]