Alain Rauwel

Alain Rauwel, docteur en histoire, enseigne à l'Université de Dijon et à l'École des Hautes études en Sciences sociales.

Dijon’s museum gets a renovation

After undergoing a very, very long reconstruction period, the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Dijon, one of the most luxurious in Europe, will be reopening its doors. An advertising campaign appropriately proclaims that it’s “a museum transformed”. However, those visitors familiar with the museum’s former layout may have a bit of difficulty finding their way around […]

Marine Giangregorio: the world’s silence and sensuality

There’s an open area on a busy street in the 9th arrondissement. Children pass by as they leave school. In this scene, Marine Giangregorio’s photographs hang on the side of an embankment. But not just images; the photographer’s words are there too and in more than one sense, she is their author given that she […]

With Paolo di Paolo in Pasolini’s Italy

When it comes to Pasolini, nothing can ever really be considered strange and Paolo di Paolo is an important figure in the pasolinian movement. In 1959, while working for a weekly magazine, he and the poet were commissioned to report in words and images about Italy over the summer. This work eventually became The Long […]

In Naples II: with Sade

Recently François Croissy offered audiences the chance to see the Mapplethorpe exhibition at the Madre Museum of Contemporary Art in Naples. Such an outing is an excellent opportunity to replace the boring tourist guide with a companion who walks at a brisk pace and has a lot more to say; none other than Donatien de […]

Through the window

A work of art is invariably a chunk of the world, whether real or “imagined”, carved out according to a form. And what better form could there be to frame the world than a window? At the invitation of young curator Henri Guette, 12 artists took a well-known window: the one designed by Mallet-Stevens for […]

A look at a Seicento Roman workshop

The exhibition being shown by Galerie Nationale d’art Ancien of Rome at Palais Barberini may be small in scope (not because of the size of the paintings!), but it’s significant in what it reveals about a time that’s very important to all enthusiasts, and especially those who have read Yves Bonnefoy: Rome during the period […]

Alain Gualina’s sea lanes

A bird flying across a dark sea is a familiar motif on almost all of Alain Gualina’s seascape photos, representing a call to freedom and hope and in some ways, his signature. Its recurring presence is certainly appropriate, an example of Gualina’s mastery at capturing images that are always disciplined without ever being rigid. The […]