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Walker Art Center cuts ties with Minneapolis police

In an Instagram post on Wednesday afternoon, the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis officially cut ties with the Minneapolis Police Department – for now. With their statement, the Walker Art Center became the first museum to take direct action in addition to supporting protests, the Black Lives Matter movement, and the family of George Floyd. […]

Major US museums slow to respond to the murder of George Floyd highlight systematic injustice in the art world

Museums across the US faced backlash from their communities when in the face of police brutality that resulted in the murder of George Floyd, they stayed silent or were slow to speak out. The Museum of Modern Art in New York, The Guggenheim, The Getty, and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art were among […]

Christo: a legacy of making the impossible possible

On May 31, 2020, the art world suffered the incredible loss of the artist Christo. Whether it was surrounding islands in Biscayne Bay with pink fabric or wrapping Paris’s Pont Neuf bridge, no building or natural wonder was too ambitious to transform into art. Although he left us at the age of 84, the vast […]

Where activism and art intersect

Activism takes on many forms. Currently, the world is watching as thousands band together to call for justice and reform after a white police officer in Minneapolis murdered George Floyd, a black man accused of using a counterfeit bank note, as three other officers stood by idly. In cities across the US and elsewhere, people […]

Former Investment Banker predicts that the art market won’t recover until a vaccine is widely available

Before it sees a recovery, the art market has a lot to learn from the banking industry, particularly at a time when its facing yet another global economic crisis. Or at least that’s what Patric Johnson, a former investment banker and now newcomer to the art world, firmly believes. Johnson currently serves as a managing […]

Research wraps on Gurlitt trove leaving “very large gray area”

Eight years ago, Bavarian authorities searched the Munich flat of Cornelius Gurlitt looking for evidence of tax evasion. Instead, officers discovered a vast collection of works by artists like Édouard Manet, Henri Matisse, Max Liebermann, and Paul Klee. The works recovered from Gurlitt’s Munich and Salzburg homes became the centre of an investigation that many […]