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X-Mas With the Surrealist Sculptor Daniel Giordano: The Immersive Trend Challenges Emerging Artists

HUDSON VALLEY — The misty blue light, which faded away on the drive to Cold Springs NY, made me feel as if a UFO sighting might be imminent. At the […]

An artist walks into Art Basel Miami Beach and eats a banana…

In 1982, Andy Warhol ate a Whopper as part of Jørgen Leth’s ’66 Scenes from America.’ In the 16th century, Giuseppe Arcimboldo was painting food, ranging from vegetables to fish, […]

Siminovitch Prize in Theatre winners for 2019- Maiko Yamamoto and James Long

At the end of last month, the Siminovitch Prize in Theatre- one of the most lucrative awards presented to theatre creators in Canada- announced this year’s recipient. The Siminovitch Prize […]

Venice to host ‘Oceans in Transformation’: an exhibition on the mystery and troubles around our oceans

‘Not knowing the ocean is part of being human,’ stated curator Daniela Zyman. The breadth, mystery, and changes of and within Earth’s oceans are the topics of an upcoming exhibition […]

Byron Kim receives 2019 Robert de Niro Sr. Prize of $25,000

Amongst art awards that recognize artists working in various mediums there is the Robert de Niro Sr. Prize, which, unlike some, focuses on painters. Setting it apart from other awards […]

2019 Turner Prize winner(s) shake up the award’s norm

In a surprise turn of events, the announcement of this year’s Turner Prize winner shocked everyone, perhaps most of all the person reading out the name…or names. Historically, the recipient […]

Danish court sides with Tal R blocking watchmakers from cutting up his work

Yesterday, a Danish court sided with Tal R, a Denmark-based artist, ruling that a duo, who wanted to cut up a painting they owned by the artist to use in […]