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In memoriam: fantastical French sculptor and designer Claude Lalanne (1924-2019)

French artist Claude Lalanne, who achieved cult status with her whimsical sculptures, furniture, jewelry and cutlery, often depicting flora and fauna and animals, recently passed away in Fontainebleau at the age of 93. Her death was announced by her Paris dealer Jean-Gabriel Mitterrand, who likened her to “a stronghold against bad taste and pretentiousness,” adding […]

Kamel Mennour to show ‘rediscovered’ Caravaggio in Paris gallery

The famous painting depicting Judith beheading Holofernes, which recently caused controversy for its attribution to Caravaggio by the Old Masters specialist Eric Turquin, will go on show at Galerie Kamel Mennour in Paris this week (18 April – 4 May). The piece will be displayed next to French Artist Daniel Buren’s site-specific work, Pyramidal, haut-relief […]

“The Horrifically Real Virtuality”: Where B-Movies Come To Life

I am welcomed by looming tentacles and a crashed UFO at the top of the stairs of The Phi Centre in Montréal. Looking around at the walls, I see a number of the works of Ed Wood- the infamous director of Plan 9 From Outer Space, often hailed as the worst movie in history- being […]

AC unit to blame for museum blaze in Brazil

Seven months after a devastating fire swept through Brazil’s National Museum, an air conditioning unit has been cited as the ‘primary cause’ of the blaze. The announcement was made by police experts on April 4th although the investigation is ongoing. ‘There was various pieces of evidence that allowed us to conclude that the (air conditioning […]

New French task force to hone in on Nazi-looted art

In the coming weeks, a new French task force will be researching and returning artworks looted during the Nazi occupation of France to their rightful owners or their heirs. The task force, which was announced last year, is a new office within France’s ministry of culture. The five-person staff, headed by culture ministry official David […]

600 stolen books returned to University and Regional Library of Bonn

More than 70 years after they went missing, over 600 books were returned to the University and Regional Library of Bonn (ULB) on April 11th. The books, which include various historical works, 11 medieval manuscripts, and rare prints from the 16th century, have been missing from the university since World War II. The ULB held […]

Barnett Newman’s painting without compromise

Barnett Newman was born in Manhattan in January 1905, the son of Polish-Jewish immigrants who gave him a religious education. After completing high school, he enrolled in the University of New York to study philosophy. Throughout his studies, he often visited galleries and museums and soon began painting impressionist pieces. At the age of 25, […]