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How the ningyo, or mermaid, took Westerners by storm in the 1800s

The Little Mermaid more or less sums up today’s idea of what a mermaid might be. Half beautiful human, half shimmering fish, the myth of the mermaid is fascinating, even […]

‘Kimono: Kyoto to Catwalk’

Continuing in the theme of fashion, the V&A will exhibit the kimono and its historical and current significance to Japan, the rest of the world, and fashion.

In Japan, supernatural beliefs connect the spiritual realm with the earthly objects around us

Larissa Hjorth, RMIT University Sometimes life appears incomprehensible, of another world. The supernatural has been evoked in many cultures and religions as a way to make sense of the thresholds […]

Kyoto Animation decimated by arson attack

On the morning of July 18th, Kyoto Animation, a world renowned animation studio based in Kyoto, fell victim to the worst mass murder in Japan in decades. Suspect Shinji Aoba […]

‘Catastrophe and the Power of Art’: reevaluating the narrative of destruction

The Mori Art Museum in Tokyo is no stranger to exhibitions with bold ambitions marking anniversaries. In 2003, the museum punctuated their inauguration with an exhibition focusing on happiness. For […]