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Palazzo Strozzi censored by Instagram

Censorship is an ongoing battle and social media isn’t clear of the practice. Instagram and its parent company, Facebook, have consistently been at odds with the art world as artworks, particularly those featuring the nude body and more times than not, the female nude body, are removed from feeds due to their subject matter. Most […]

Facebook agrees to reconsider censorship after #WeTheNipple demonstration

Who says a good ole’ fashioned protest can’t accomplish things? After a demonstration on Sunday, Facebook has decided to sit down and re-examine their policy on censorship, particularly that of the female body, according to the National Coalition Against Censorship (NCAC). In a recent statement, the NCAC announced: ‘Facebook’s policy team has committed to convening […]

Nipple-bearing photography on a mission against Facebook

In the early hours of Sunday morning, just over 100 people gathered outside of Facebook’s Manhattan headquarters…and stripped nude. The group then posed for photographer Spencer Tunick in nothing but their birthday suits to make a point to Facebook regarding their policies that ban the female nipple. The group thus launched the #wethenipple campaign. The […]

The rise and impact of the ‘Instagram museum’

In 2015 the now famed Museum of Ice Cream opened in New York and the museum – and Instagram – world would never quite be the same. Visitors were immersed in a specific hue of pink and invited to wade through a pool of sprinkles. Each room offered a new backdrop for Instagram-worthy pics. The […]

Snarkitecture to introduce Snark Park to NYC in 2019

New York-based Design Prize winner Snarkitecture, headed by partners Alex Mustonen, Daniel Arsham, and Ben Porto, has announced the March 2019 opening of their permanent exhibition space called Snark Park. Snarkitecture’s creation will be located in Hudson Yards, a multi-billion-dollar, large scale redevelopment programme aimed to expand Manhattan’s midtown business district west towards the Hudson […]

Pay £2, make a guess, win a Banksy!

In an Instagram post on December 1st, Banksy announced he would be auctioning off one of his sculptures in an unusual way. For a mere £2 ($2.50) donation, anyone can enter to win the sculpture by guessing its weight to the nearest gram or milligram. Oh, and the batteries are included!   The sculpture is […]