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Banksy finally goes to court to stop unauthorised merchandising, despite saying copyright is for losers

A visitor enjoys the art of Banksy exhibition at the Mudec Museum in Milan. EPA-EFE Enrico Bonadio, City, University of London   Copyright is for losers – or so Banksy once claimed. But the days of the mysterious artist’s dislike for intellectual property now appear to be long gone, as he has recently won a […]

For the first time in 20 years, the US celebrates ‘Public Domain Day’

As of January 1st, a number of artworks, films, and books became copyright free in the US. Following changes in copyright laws in the 90s, 2019 had what has been dubbed the first real ‘public domain day’ in 20 years. Now, a plethora of 1923 works will be free to cite, republish, and read (as […]