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Recent talks of repatriation may signal a new era for restitution

The repatriation of artworks is an on-going hot topic in the art world that spans multiple countries and museums. The topic could not be more complicated as nations and institutions fight to keep and take back artworks. For instance, Benin recently announced plans for a new Royal Museum. They’ve since struck a deal with the British Museum […]

‘The Islamic world’ through the British Museum’s stunning new Albukhary Foundation Gallery

The British Museum‘s has massively overhauled Rooms 42 and 43 in its wings to make way for a stunning new permanent exhibition space. The newly named Albukhary Foundation Gallery is a beautifully designed environment highlighting centuries of Islamic art titled ‘The Islamic world’. Opened on the 18th of October, the galleries are notably larger – […]

British Museum Fights Back: “not everything here was acquired by looting.”

The British Museum has launched an initiative to counteract the heavy criticism it has been long receiving for housing artifacts looted by imperialists and colonialists and not returning them to their rightful owners. The program will be in the form of monthly talks entitled “Collected Histories”, which many argue is a direct response to art […]