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A Lesson in Street Art: how a movement morphed out of graffiti and into the art world (Part I)

Purpose of this lesson: Street art is a relatively new movement that is becoming more and more prolific in the art world. In this lesson, we will explore the history of graffiti, which is what street art is born out of, and then explore how street art has become what it is today. Looking at […]

Whiteness, Sculpture, Historical Inaccuracy, and Colonialism

From the renowned, two-millennia-old Greek sculpture Venus de Milo, to the Roman reconstruction of the Apollo Belvedere, to today’s faux recreations and popular busts that litter tacky American hotels; the modern conception of sculpture from Greek and Roman antiquity has always been blanketed in a glimmering, marble white.  Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, there are […]

The art of tattoo, meet the history of art

How many times have you seen an article or Instagram photo of a regrettable tattoo? Perhaps a tattoo proclaiming ‘No Ragrets’ leading to #tattooregret? In those moments when you’re grateful you don’t have a tattoo or that your tattoo artist was a bit more detail-oriented, it’s difficult to imagine that this is the culmination of […]

Is Art Connoisseurship really dead?

Art connoisseurship is the ability to look at a work and know almost instinctively who painted the picture, or who created the work. The question of whether art connoisseurship is dead came up this week in the Art Newspaper where it was argued that sophisticated advertising practices have essentially destroyed connoisseurship. For several decades now, the value and utility of […]