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Tara Donovan’s “Fieldwork” Exhibition: Transcending Material

Mundane, everyday materials find new life and beauty through the art of Tara Donovan and her exhibition, Fieldwork. For the first time, the artist’s free-standing and wall-based objects are presented […]

One family’s search for artwork stolen by Nazis feels more like a Nicholas Cage movie

Crowd-sourcing is not an uncommon thing these days. Scrolling through any social media you will find posts looking to fund new projects, medical treatment, and any number of causes. However, […]

Norman Rockwell’s ‘Four Freedoms’ reimagined

In 1941, President Franklin Roosevelt introduced the idea of the Four Freedoms to the American people in his State of the Union address. While World War II raged on, Franklin […]

Five must-see documentaries on art

From gallery openings to major retrospectives, the art aficionado is always keen to learn about emerging artists and past masters, alike. But there are other ways to discover and develop […]

Nathaniel Mary Quinn’s “the Land” is a fascinating take on Brooklyn gentrification

Nathaniel Mary Quinn grew up in a Chicago housing project known only as “the Hole”. He remembers drawing on the walls of his family’s apartment, at first frustrating his mother. He kept doing it, […]

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Art Critique is an online news media outlet featuring information and analysis on the art world and all its players. It is produced by our specialized team of art journalists […]

Parisian art expert’s ruse undone by former student

Alone in the Aaron gallery showroom in 2012, Charles Hooreman noticed something suspicious about two folding chairs marked as the former property of King Louis XV’s daughter, Princess Louise Elisabeth. Hooreman, a young art dealer […]