Art in Flux and National Gallery X present new online exhibition reclaiming visibility for underrepresented artists

Art in Flux and National Gallery X present new online exhibition reclaiming visibility for underrepresented artists
Installation shot of Art in Flux: Reclaimed, featuring the work of Kimatica, Ro Greengrass & Maddy James and Aphra Shemza & Stuart Batchelor. Courtesy Art in Flux.
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While museums remain closed, Art in Flux has teamed up with National Gallery X to present an exciting online exhibition set to begin on March 30th. Titled “Art in Flux: Reclaimed,” the exhibition will include works by 11 artists who are part of the Art in Flux community as well as the premier of Transcendence VR by Kimatica Studio.

Founded in 2016 by artists María Almena, Olive Gingrich, and Aphra Shemza, Art is Flux is a nonprofit with a mission to develop media arts across the UK. Thus, this exhibition will “showcase artists from the underrepresented spectra of society and provide a bridge between media artists and established art institutions, reclaiming visibility for new stories within the art world.”

As part of the exhibition, Kimatica will present Transcendence VR, which consists of a 360-degrees video media performance. The experience is a study in altered state of consciousness achieved through the combination of live performances and interactive technologies. The work is “born from a reflection on the evolution of society and the way it’s been facing a serious ‘narrative collapse’ – what we have lost more than lives during the pandemic, is hope, narrative and connection.”

Also included in the exhibition are artists Aminder Virdee, Aphra Shemza & Stuart Batchelor, Camille Baker, Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley, Enrique Agudo, Kimatica Studio, Natasha Trotman, Olive Gingrich & Shama Rahman and Ro Greengrass.

“As an artist and curator, I believe that contemporary art has a responsibility to contribute to societal change, particularly given the time of flux we are living through,” said Almena, who is not only a co-founder of Art in Flux but also the creative director of Kimatica, in a statement. “By creating artworks that aim to encourage wellbeing and transformation, and curating events that reclaim space for talented but underrepresented groups, I am hoping to lead the way towards a more thoughtful and inclusive way of experiencing art.”

The premier of the exhibition will be an online live National Gallery X event accompanied by a panel discussion that will include Art in Flux co-founders as well as Trotman, Agudo, Brathwaite-Shirley, and Baker. Also part of the panel will be key curators such as Helen Starr and Ashokkumar Mistry, with a focus on platform cultivation, art communities and the reclaiming of spaces for underrepresented groups.

Art in Flux: Reclaimed is an online exhibition that will begin 30 March, 2021 and run through 30 April, 2021. The exhibition has been sponsored by the Arts Council. Additional information can be found at Art in Flux.