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Warhol x Basquiat re-explores the legendary collaboration

Some historical artistic events don’t truly gain the appreciation or traction their scope deserves without hindsight. One such event is the legendary collaboration between Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat, an […]

Honourees announced for 77th Annual Theatre World Awards

The list of honourees has just been released for the 77th Annual Theatre World Awards, one of the most celebrated and long-running award ceremonies in all of Broadway. With the […]

Whaam! Blam! and Roy Lichtenstein’s stamps

Pop art has always been a style ripe with issues of intellectual property. What constitutes theft in art, and what is merely inspiration or homage? Where is that oddly ephemeral […]

Harry Belafonte passes away at 96

This past week has seen the loss of one of the world’s most iconic voices in music and a paragon for societal progress, Harry Belafonte. Passing at his home in […]