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Nan Goldin denounces the Sackler settlement giving plaintiffs $10 billion

Nan Goldin is many things, but slowing down is not one of them. Days after she was arrested outside the Governor of New York’s office protesting his inaction towards making safe injection sites available in New York City, the artist denounced the proposed settlement put forward by the Sackler family that would bring more than […]

Nan Goldin was arrested protesting outside Governor Cuomo’s office

Nan Goldin was arrested along with 12 other members of PAIN, the activist group she founded to protest the opioid crisis, while protesting outside New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s office in Manhattan on Wednesday. According to ARTnews, the protests were intended to raise awareness for the number of deaths by overdosing on opioid and prescription […]

Louvre strikes Sackler name from gallery and website

The Louvre has become the first major institute to officially remove the Sackler family name from its galleries. The Sacklers had been associated with the museum’s wing of oriental antiquities since 1997 but today, a placard bearing the family’s name was removed from the gallery and all other references to the name have been temporarily […]

Nan Goldin at the Château de Versailles

After a considerable win protesting against and forcing major institutions to cut ties with the Sackler family for their involvement in the opioid crisis, US artist Nan Goldin is now turning to the revolutionary Women’s March on Versailles of 1789 for her latest project on show at the 17th-century château outside Paris. Goldin, along with […]

National Portrait Gallery turns down gift of £1 million from the Sackler Trust

In a short press release from earlier today, London’s National Portrait Gallery (NPG), in conjunction with the Sackler Trust, announced that it would not be proceeding with a gift of £1 million from the Sackler Trust. The gift was expected to assist with the NPG’s Inspiring People project. The release, in part, read: ‘The Sackler Trust […]

P.A.I.N. organizes against the Sackler family with demonstrations at the Guggenheim and Met

Protesters took to New York’s Fifth Avenue on the evening of February 9th on route from the Guggenheim Museum to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to speak out against the Sackler Family and their affiliation with the Met. Carrying red banners that read ‘TAKE DOWN THEIR NAME’ and ‘200 DEAD EACH DAY’, protesters chanted ‘Shame […]

The Met re-visits gifting policies in light of lawsuits involving the Sackler family

Recently, the City of New York formally accused the Sackler family, who own Purdue Pharma, of misleading the public for decades about the dangers of OxyContin, an opioid created and marketed by the pharmaceutical company. In light of the accusations, art institutions who have benefited from the wealthy family have had to re-evaluate. New York […]