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Artist Diemut Strebe shrouds a $2 million diamond in the ‘blackest black’, puts it at the New York Stock Exchange

The four C’s of diamonds, or the cut, colour, clarity, and carat weight, are how we assess diamonds. But, what happens when the diamond disappears? In just a couple of weeks, artist Diemut Strebe will make a diamond disappear, well kind of. On September 13th, The Redemption of Vanity, an installation by Strebe will go […]

3-D printing project RePaint could revolutionize colour technology

Artificial intelligence usually gets a bad rap in the art world. In October, AI made headlines when Portrait of Edmund Belamy, a painting made completely by an algorithm, sold at auction for $432,500. AI has also impacted the museum world as augmented reality experiences have developed for educational purposes and unique exhibition experiences. MIT researchers, […]