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An artist walks into Art Basel Miami Beach and eats a banana…

In 1982, Andy Warhol ate a Whopper as part of Jørgen Leth’s ’66 Scenes from America.’ In the 16th century, Giuseppe Arcimboldo was painting food, ranging from vegetables to fish, to create portraits. And, now, at Art Basel Miami Beach, contemporary artists have made headlines, thanks to food once more, by making it into art […]

Search for ‘America,’ a.k.a. the golden toilet, continues

The search for what is easily the most ‘luxurious loo,’ as one BBC article put it, in the world continues, but three more suspects have been arrested by police. The toilet, entitled America by Italian conceptual artist Maurizio Cattelan, was part of an exhibition of works by the artist at Blenheim Palace, the birthplace and […]

Golden toilet stolen from Blenheim Palace in overnight heist valued at £4.8m

Maurizio Cattelan’s Golden Toilet work, titled “America”, was stolen from Blenheim Palace in an overnight heist, the palace revealed. The fully functioning toilet was made of 18-carat gold and was valued at £4.8m. It was being shown at the Palace as part of a blockbuster show displaying iconic artworks by the famed Italian Conceptual artist, […]

The Smiths: a London exhibition that unites artists with the same last name

What do artists Patti Smith, Emily Mae Smith, Lucien Smith and Bob and Roberta Smith all have in common apart from their last name? Well, not much really, apart from their latest group show at Marlborough gallery in London curated by Maurizio Cattelan. The tongue-in-cheek exhibition is appropriately called The Smiths and it brings together over […]