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Lawsuit concerning ownership of a Matisse rejected by Supreme Court

The US Supreme Court declined to hear a case that worked its way up through the US justice system concerning the legal ownership of a painting by Henri Matisse. Portrait of Greta Moll, made in 1908, resides in the stores at London’s National Gallery (NG). However, three of Greta Moll’s grandchildren were demanding $30 million […]

At Salon du Dessin in Paris, exhibitors showcase rarely-seen-before drawings

The 28th Edition of Salon Du Dessin in Paris opened last week at the historic Palais Brongiart in Paris (through April 1). The annual drawing fair brings together the world’s most prominent dealers of works on paper as well as leading exhibitors actively pushing for the medium. In addition to the vast selection of 18th-century […]

Jean-Jacques Lequeu’s imagination finally finds favour with Paris show

Jean-Jacques Lequeu’s story (1757-1826) is a story of absolute failure. Born in Rouen, he was sent to pursue architecture studies in Rome in his early 20’s. As he made his way back to Paris however, he failed to make a name for himself in both the practice of architecture as well as architecture theory. None […]