Art Critique


Notre-Dame Cathedral to reopen for 2024 Olympics

The world seemed to collectively gasp in 2019 when Paris’ Notre-Dame Cathedral was devastated by an intense fire. It was an unexpected and severe marring on a world monument the […]

Pickles and bananas and nothing- oh my

May I speak plainly?   I hate that stupid pickle.   Pickle, Comedian, every “Bored Ape”, and all of the other decidedly hollow pieces that ring of the same artless […]

Hidden van Gogh self-portrait revealed on back of painting

The discovery of a long-hidden artwork is always an occasion of excitement. Whether it be through an institution stumbling upon a work that fell through the cracks or discerning a […]

Perfectly preserved sculpture found at Chan Chan excavation site

The more that we learn about the creations of our ancestors, the more we connect ourselves to the past. From the excavation of a striped tunic in Egypt that mirrors […]

Activist group Just Stop Oil glue hands to paintings

Our world at large has not been short of protest-worthy causes and many movements for societal change over the past several years. We’ve seen powerful traction for important groups such […]

Caravan Stage Company sets sail for final production

It isn’t easy to be a theatre company in this day and age. Not only is it a constant struggle to compete for the attention devoted to filmed media and […]

Marina Abramović’s ‘The Hero’ returns as NFT

As we see more and more veteran artists enter the new frontier of NFTs that shows no signs of stopping its growth, there is a wide breadth of individuals joining […]