Kultura connects audiences and art through AI-driven platform

Kultura connects audiences and art through AI-driven platform
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We have more ways than ever to connect with new media. Through the vast online interconnectivity of the modern age, it is truly easier than ever to have a broad experience of the arts. But there have always been some layers of barrier around the world of visual arts, and even those engaged in their local communities may not be exposed to a broad spectrum of works. This is something that AI-driven online art platform Kultura seems keen on rectifying.


Kultura is a broad and varied collection of visual arts from around the world. Containing works across the centuries from all manners of discipline, it more than likely has something for everyone. Works are accompanied with artist, medium, and date information on them. One of the primary interactions on the platform is to group works together under a personal heading as a “board” and share it publicly on the site for other viewers. As a social media touchstone, it’s not unlike a high art rendition of Pinterest’s main functions.


But the kicker that makes Kultura such a unique platform compared to other image-sharing networks is the AI that drives most of the user experience: Daisy. Daisy collects information from the user based on shared qualities of the works they like as they browse as well as those that they save to their boards, then presents selections of images that are most likely to interest the individual. Like Spotify’s curated recommendations for artists, Daisy can bring you closer to relevant art you may never even have heard of. 


As the team behind the platform put it:


“Once you’ve chosen the art you like, other users are invited to come and view it. Which means more of the right kind of eyes on the right kind of art. A bit like a dating site where you never swipe left.”


Through platforms like Kultura, we’re seeing a drive towards making the art world at large more accessible through digital capabilities. With already a collection of 20,000 images, the site is an intuitive and easy way to connect with art that speaks to you without the necessity of hopping galleries and hoping to see something that stirs you. While it by no means supplants the experience of physically viewing and exploring art, it is a great tool for those looking to expand their artistic horizons from the comfort of their home.