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Art World Roundup: talks pick up to repatriate Benin Bronzes in Germany and Scotland, the Ghent Altarpiece gets £26m home, and more

In this week’s Art World Roundup… The Humboldt Forum announces it “expects” to repatriate Benin Bronzes to Nigeria and days later, the University of Aberdeen made a similar announcement. The […]

The new Benin Royal Museum to see the temporary restitution of art and artifacts

European museums have consistently been tied up in issues of repatriation of artworks looted and taken from their home countries throughout history. The British Museum is one such museum housing artifacts […]

Antiquities looting: an ongoing crisis as well as a shameful piece of history

Western museums are, rightfully, facing increasing pressure to return art and artefacts looted during colonial times. Artefact theft is not merely a disgraceful part of the past, however, but is […]

Artist Emeka Ogboh uses unique poster series to highlight repatriation in Dresden

In Dresden, Nigerian artist Emeka Ogboh took to the streets with a recent art installation. Utilising advertising spaces in and around the German city, Ogboh installed “missing” posters of artworks […]

Activist Emery Mwazulu Diyabanza faces trial in Paris after taking restitution into his own hands

Before June, people, particularly in the museum world, were probably unfamiliar with Emery Mwazulu Diyabanza. However, the 41-year-old Congolese activist now faces a series of court dates, the first of […]

Why should the art world be concerned about the prevalence of export bans?

Five years after he dramatically attempted to smuggle a rare Pablo Picasso painting out of Spain, Jaime Botín— the ex-president of Spanish financial institution Bankinter—has been sentenced to three years […]

A Lesson in Restitution: diving into expropriated art, World War II, and beyond

Purpose of this lesson: In recent years, restitution of art expropriated during the Holocaust era has piqued the interest of many around the world. Today, there is more information available […]