Docuseries “Inspired” to be hosted by Julian Lennon

Docuseries “Inspired” to be hosted by Julian Lennon
Courtesy of Cargo Film & Releasing.
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The children of beloved artists can often be overtaken by the shadows they grew up in—none are a more fitting example than Julian Lennon, son of music legend John Lennon. But across the decades, Lennon has remained focused on his own work as a musician and filmmaker, seemingly finding peace with the conflicted legacy of his neglectful father. His latest endeavour, Inspired, looks to showcase the drive Lennon has to see the beauty and artfulness that fuel our world.


Inspired, a docuseries examining the ways environments influence contemporary artists, is to be executive produced and hosted by Julian Lennon. Created by filmmaking duo Guto Barra and Tatian Issa and co-produced by New York-based production company Cargo Film & Releasing, Inspired will see Lennon interviewing artists of varying backgrounds and regions to see what shapes them.


Adapted from the Brazilian series first directed by Barra and Issa, Geography of Art—which contained such artists as Keith Haring and Georgia O’Keefe—Cargo states that “[t]he series portrays stories of artists that found inspiration in the colors and landscape of an adopted city – and also of creators that kept using their heritage and their home countries as inspiration for decades after leaving that place.”


An artist of international exhibitions himself, Julian Lennon clearly finds great inspiration within the framing of this project, evidenced in his discussion with Variety:

“What’s so special about this series is getting to know an artist and the culture of a place through a specific lens — this unique relationship an artist has with a certain place that gets their creative juices going.”


Release dates are still not released for Inspired, but it is sure to be an insightful piece riding the recent wave of tight art world docuseries.