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‘Christina Kruse: Base and Balance’ at the Helwaser Gallery

‘To be a modernist,’ writes Glenn Adamson in a forthcoming catalogue, ‘was to be in constant breathless encounter with the new: abstraction, utopian politics, the path-breaking idioms of Cubism, Constructivism, […]

A Lesson on the Camera Obscura

Purpose of this lesson: The camera obscura is an integral part to understanding how modern day photography developed and how some artists worked. However, it’s a pretty confusing concept if […]

‘Declaration of’: exhibition of works by Boedi Widjaja explores notions of memory through a stunning body of work

In just a few weeks, the Helwaser Gallery will open an exhibition of works by artist Boedi Widjaja, born in Indonesia but based in Singapore. Titled ‘Declaration of’, the exhibition […]