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‘Christina Kruse: Base and Balance’ at the Helwaser Gallery

‘To be a modernist,’ writes Glenn Adamson in a forthcoming catalogue, ‘was to be in constant breathless encounter with the new: abstraction, utopian politics, the path-breaking idioms of Cubism, Constructivism, Dada, and De Stijl. So much happened so quickly. Looking back at the heroic era, it can sometimes seem that we are late to the […]

A Lesson on the Camera Obscura

Purpose of this lesson: The camera obscura is an integral part to understanding how modern day photography developed and how some artists worked. However, it’s a pretty confusing concept if you’ve never really looked into the mechanics of how one works or experienced one yourself. This lesson is meant to explain the ins and outs […]

‘Declaration of’: exhibition of works by Boedi Widjaja explores notions of memory through a stunning body of work

In just a few weeks, the Helwaser Gallery will open an exhibition of works by artist Boedi Widjaja, born in Indonesia but based in Singapore. Titled ‘Declaration of’, the exhibition explores notions of collective memory, gaze, and embodiment. ‘Declaration of’ will feature a number of Widjaja’s newest works, many of which are from ‘Imaginary Homeland,’ […]