Two more galleries close in Berlin

Berlin’s reputation as an indisputable Mecca for contemporary artists in the 21st century has been mostly deserved due to the reputation it gained as a Bohemian capital during the Cold War, as well as the vibrant neighbourhoods it still boasts of, its welcoming attitude, and its contagious open-mindedness and diversity. However, the city is beginning to show signs of wear […]

Turner Prize nominee criticized for profiting from minority suffering

2018 Turner Prize nominee, Luke Willis Thompson, has found himself in the middle of some controversy this year as a result of his most recent work’s pointed commentary on race. His chilling work, autoportrait, is a short film portraying the image of Diamond Reynolds, the American woman whose boyfriend, Philando Castile, was shot in cold blood on a […]

Swiss art sales draw interest, a Mosset sells for twice its expected value

Christie’s annual Swiss art auction in Zurich in September featured the likes of Felix Vallotton, Ferdinand Hodler, Giovanni Giacometti, and Albert Anker. The auction ultimately drew approximately CHF 5.4 million. The evening appeared to reverse a recent downturn in the sale of Swiss art that has occurred over the last few years. reported that the auction attracted interest […]

Are museums filled with forgeries?

Do visitors to the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg realize that “at least half the paintings hanging there are copies” and that the origianls have been discreetly sold to foreign collectors when the Soviet Union plunged into crisis?  At least that’s what the famous art dealer Youri Vassilievitch Aleksee, ravaged by cancer and called “the […]

Parisian art expert’s ruse undone by former student

Alone in the Aaron gallery showroom in 2012, Charles Hooreman noticed something suspicious about two folding chairs marked as the former property of King Louis XV’s daughter, Princess Louise Elisabeth. Hooreman, a young art dealer struggling with his reputation in the cut-throat Parisian art world, made the abnormal decision to lick one of the piece’s armrests. Hooreman’s keen eye recognized the […]

Berlin Museum of Islamic Art receives €9 million EUR donation from Saudi Arabian foundation

The Saudi Arabian foundation, Alwaleed Philanthropies, has donated €9 million EUR to the Berlin Museum of Islamic Art, which is housed in the Pergamon Museum. The donation will go towards supporting museum exhibitions as well as education initiatives. One of those initiatives is the “Multaqa” project – an effort by the museum to train and employee Syrian […]