Leonidas Kalai

Leonidas is based in London and works on the research team for Artsy, the global online art platform. Originally from Syria and Greece, Leonidas lived in both countries before attending university in Boston, Massachusetts. When not at work, Leonidas can be found immersed in London's art scene.

Inigo Philbrick’s arrest, explained

Inigo Philbrick, the mysterious, shady, young and handsome contemporary art dealer, who disappeared in October last year after being accused of defrauding clients of over $20 million dollars, was arrested last week on the Pacific Island of Vanuatu. The FBI released a statement announcing his arrest and detailing next steps. Philbrick will be transported to […]

Fallen statues must be preserved and curated

Edward Colston has taken a bath in Bristol, Robert Milligan has left the West India Docks in London, and Christopher Columbus was recently beheaded in Boston. Many think this is just the start and are calling for the removal of a long list of problematic figures, while others are lamenting that pulling down racist statues […]

Former Investment Banker predicts that the art market won’t recover until a vaccine is widely available

Before it sees a recovery, the art market has a lot to learn from the banking industry, particularly at a time when its facing yet another global economic crisis. Or at least that’s what Patric Johnson, a former investment banker and now newcomer to the art world, firmly believes. Johnson currently serves as a managing […]

Recovering from COVID-19, Hong Kong Galleries Face New Round of Protests and Announce New Art Initiative

As thousands of people marched in Hong Kong over the weekend to protest a proposed new anti-sedition law that would give China new powers over Hong Kong, the city braced itself for continued political turmoil. The protests are an added challenge for galleries already impacted by COVID-19, which caused Art Basel HK and much of […]

How galleries in France are adapting to the pandemic, according the CPGA

Earlier this month, France’s main association of art dealers, the Comité Professionnel des Galeries d’Art (CPGA), released a shocking poll of its 300 member galleries in which they detailed just how detrimental the pandemic has been and will continue to be on their businesses. The overwhelming consensus was that a third of the country’s commercial […]

Met lays off staff and projects $150 million in losses

Facing unprecedented turmoil during the coronavirus closure, the Metropolitan Museum of Art has laid off 81 of its visitor services and retail employees. The museum has also announced that it expects a shortfall of at least $100 million in revenue as it will likely remain closed through the month of July. In addition to the layoffs, […]

Thousands of Artists Endorse Bernie Sanders

As of Monday afternoon, more than 1,600 artists, designers, critics, curators, educators, musicians, performers, writers and other arts professionals have officially endorsed Vermont Senator and Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders for US President. An open letter endorsing Sanders has received more than 1,600 signatures so far after being released by the organization Artists4Bernie, which identifies […]