Art Critique

Glass skyscrapers: a great environmental folly that could have been avoided

Henrik Schoenefeldt, University of Kent   New York Mayor Bill de Blasio has declared that skyscrapers made of glass and steel “have no place in our city or our Earth anymore”. He argued that their energy inefficient design contributes to global warming and insisted that his administration would restrict glassy high-rise developments in the city. […]

An intimate, arresting exhibition highlights the hard work of living queer

Leigh Boucher, Macquarie University   Queerdom, an exhibition showing at the Imperial Hotel in Erksineville, is an arresting and unsettling archive of queer and trans performances in Sydney. A collaboration between photographer Jamie James and poet Quinn Eades, working here as James Eades, Queerdom presents a history of sexual and gender transgression that refuses containment […]

Art Basel highlights the art trading which takes place in the shadows

Art Basel—the world’s biggest art fair— kicks off this week, with thousands of art lovers expected to descend on the Swiss city for six days of lavish events and art exhibitions. Attendees will be treated to installations from some 4,000 artists, from young Emirati photographer Farah Al Qasimi to Argentinian artist Tomás Saraceno, whose show […]

Alexander Calder: Radical Inventor is a tribute to living, breathing works of ar

Kit Wise, RMIT University   “This is no ordinary painting – it is a living picture that moves!” So says one of the “For kids” labels in the National Gallery of Victoria’s impressive exhibition, Alexander Calder: Radical Inventor. The exhibition is an elegant testimony to the living, breathing work of art, charting Calder’s atypical path […]

A rose in the desert: Qatar’s National Museum, designed by Jean Nouvel

This week, the National Museum of Qatar (NMoQ) in Doha opened to the public. The ambitious architectural project, designed by renowned French architect Jean Nouvel, draws on the Gulf’s twin elemental influences of sand and sea, invoking Qatar’s heritage while celebrating its transformation in recent decades. This daring, multifaceted building promises a glimpse into the […]

Banksy finally goes to court to stop unauthorised merchandising, despite saying copyright is for losers

A visitor enjoys the art of Banksy exhibition at the Mudec Museum in Milan. EPA-EFE Enrico Bonadio, City, University of London   Copyright is for losers – or so Banksy once claimed. But the days of the mysterious artist’s dislike for intellectual property now appear to be long gone, as he has recently won a […]

Restoration of Valongo Wharf underway, museum still uncertain

Nearly one million African slaves would have walked up the steps of Valongo Wharf in Rio de Janeiro between 1811 and 1831. Brazil would be the destination for more than a third of all the African slaves sent to Latin America.   Valongo Wharf was uncovered by accident in 2016 when preparations for the Olympics led to an ad hoc […]