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Fridamania: appropriation and art museums

Apart from attracting increasing popularity in its own right, Frida Kahlo’s evolution from Mexican artist and wife of Diego Rivera to a pop-culture icon has created a fertile landscape for art museums to engage with diverse members of their communities. No other artist seems quite as revered and commercialized at the same time. Where does […]

In search of art: Ken Bromley Art Supplies brings the most Googled artists of the pandemic together in new map series

Over the course of the pandemic, the internet has been our main resource for almost everything, including art. But, in our time at home, what artists have people around the world been searching for? This question was answered by the people of Ken Bromley Art Supplies, a family-run art business in Bolton, who took up […]

Social distancing doesn’t have to mean distance from art… Here are nine ways to bring the art to you during the coronavirus pandemic

Social distancing and self-isolation have become the new norm for people around the world as the fight to cull the spread of COVID-19, the novel coronavirus, continues. Mixed advice, the 24-hour news cycle, reports of panic buying, and rolling border closures have added to an air of anxiety around the state of the world at […]

The art of running…and running routes

‘When I was a kid everyone thought I’d be an artist when I grew up – I was always drawing things,’ said Lenny Maughan in an interview with The Guardian. Reading that, though, you might not expect the medium he’s most into at the moment: running. That’s right, instead of a pen or brush, Maughan’s […]

2018 Museum Trends: Fashion and Social Interaction

Whether through social media engagement, immersive exhibitions, or fashion-forward thinking, art museums are creating novel opportunities to interact with artwork and with that increasing visitorship like never before. The Art Newspaper’s annual survey of the 20 most visited exhibitions revealed that although established masters and their timeless pieces continue to bring in visitors, fashion exhibitions […]

A new exhibit in Bogota celebrates Mexican and Colombian art

In 2018, Mexico and Colombia made the collective decision to celebrate their cultural similarities and affinities for one another through art. Un Arte Propio: Convergencias entre Mexico y Colombia is an exhibit featuring 45 Colombian works of art and 45 Mexican ones. Mexico and Colombia share rich cultural links and historical ties that have encouraged the development of unique but similar […]

It’s not you, it’s me: exploring the Barbican’s ‘Modern Couples’

Obsessional. Devoted. Progressive. Revolutionary. These are some of the adjectives the Barbican Art Gallery has given to the 40 couples represented in their exhibition, ‘Modern Couples: Art, Intimacy and the Avant-garde’. In an attempt to chip away at the complex confines of the relationships between artists of the 20th century, the exhibition shows couples of […]

Dallas Museum of Art announces gift of $1 million and new curatorial position

The Dallas Museum of Art (DMA) recently announced a significant expansion to their collection, programming, and commitment to Latin American art. As more and more institutions seek out works of Latin American art, the DMA has received three gifts to further solidify its focus on the field. In a March 26th press release, the DMA […]