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Byron Kim receives 2019 Robert de Niro Sr. Prize of $25,000

Amongst art awards that recognize artists working in various mediums there is the Robert de Niro Sr. Prize, which, unlike some, focuses on painters. Setting it apart from other awards geared towards American painters, though, is that it highlights an artist in the middle of their career. This year, New York-based artist Byron Kim has […]

2019 Turner Prize winner(s) shake up the award’s norm

In a surprise turn of events, the announcement of this year’s Turner Prize winner shocked everyone, perhaps most of all the person reading out the name…or names. Historically, the recipient of the prize is chosen from the four shortlisted artists. Going against the grain this year, the prize will be shared amongst the shortlisted artists: […]

Danish court sides with Tal R blocking watchmakers from cutting up his work

Yesterday, a Danish court sided with Tal R, a Denmark-based artist, ruling that a duo, who wanted to cut up a painting they owned by the artist to use in the manufacturing of their watches, would infringe copyright laws. The injunction was brought on by Tal R after Dann Thorleifsson and Arne Leivsgard released plans […]

The Baltimore Museum of Art will only acquire work by women artists in 2020

With 2020 right around the corner, the time for New Year’s Resolutions is coming right up. The Baltimore Museum of Art (BMA) announced a major resolution: to only acquire works by women artists in 2020. Earlier this year, the museum made headlines for deaccessioning works by Andy Warhol and Robert Rauschenberg, who they deemed over-represented […]