‘The Bachelor’, but for Art Boys? A possible reality

‘The Bachelor’, but for Art Boys? A possible reality

Rachel Dodes wrote a piece for Vanity Fair a few months ago breaking down and tracking what she referred to as the “Art Boy Phenomenon.” This was a thoughtful assessment of how “art boys”, or someone who is into art and aesthetics either by practice or trade, have become some of the biggest celebrities’ choice in partners.

In what seems like a good follow-up to Dodes article, and somewhat of a validation to her conclusion that, yes, art boys are “in” right now, news broke last week that NBC Universal is allegedly recruiting for single Bachelor artists in preparation of a new Bachelor show, but with a twist.

A screenshot from a Los Angeles Casting Call Facebook group showed an agent posting the following message: “NBC Universal is searching for single Bachelor Artists,” the post read. It went on listing more qualifications like: 35-45 years old, taller than 5’7″, living in Los Angeles and “part of the arts community”.

With Jennifer Lawrence dating Gladstone Gallery director Cooke Maroney, Amber Heard’s fling with dealer Vito Schnabel, and Ashley Olsen seen around town with artist Louis Eisner, one can conclude that this is a marketable trend. And trends are things that reality TV producers would never miss out on.

“I am not able to share any additional information about the show, other than the casting information provided,” a representative for NBC replied to an inquiry by artnet News.

Whether or not NBC Universal moves forward with such an idea for a show is yet to be determined, but in the meantime, you brace yourselves for a possibly cringe-worthy new TV phenomenon: dating into the art world.