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AR museum puts every Vermeer in one virtual place

From the onset of augmented reality, it only seemed inevitable that at some point in the very near future, anyone with a smartphone would be able to visit any museum they fancy from the comfort of their bed. Well, get comfy everyone, that future looks like it’s here.   The Hague’s Mauritshuis museum has teamed up […]

Doris Salcedo repurposes FARC weapons for new ‘anti-monument’ in Colombia

Guns used to kill more than 220,000 people in Colombia, South America are being reformed into floor tiles by artist Doris Salcedo. The tiles fashioned from pounding down rebel weaponry including machine guns, automatic rifles, and pistols will become part of a monument commemorating the end of Colombia’s 52-year-long guerrilla war which ended with the […]

Liyana: the story of a brave girl created by eSwatini orphans

Liyana is a film that brings together animation, real life, storytelling, and a group of orphans. Potentially the first movie of its kind, the concept behind Liyana was the brainchild of filmmakers Aaron and Amanda Kopp, but the story comes from children in the New Life Homes orphanage in eSwatini (formerly known as Swaziland). The […]

Painting by Frederick Banting brings in 10 times its estimate at auction

In 1921, Canadian physician Frederick Banting and medical student Charles Best discovered insulin, revolutionizing diabetes treatment and research. Recently, Banting made headlines yet again, though this time it had less to do with his scientific occupation and more for his artistic passion. On the 21st of November, a 1925 painting by Banting titled The Lab […]

Luxembourg’s Art Credo is Underestimated

Luxembourg is a tiny but rich nation nestled in the middle of Western Europe. Its small population of just over half a million, despite its wealth, has not earned it the designation of an artistic centre in Europe. Not only is the country very small, but its people are ageing, and they are notably conservative in taste. While global […]

Just how unauthorized is ‘Banksy Unauthorized’?

When an artwork by the famous street artist Banksy shredded itself just after it sold in October, it was a Phantom-of-the-Opera style reminder that the artist always seems to be in control. This could not be any farther from the truth, though, concerning a retrospective of Banksy’s works in Brussels. In early November, 58 of […]