Modern art museum opens in Swiss Alps

Modern art museum opens in Swiss Alps
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Polish entrepreneur and famous art collector Grazyna Kulczyk is soon set to open a contemporary art museum in the remote town of Susch, in the eastern Swiss alps. The Muzeum Susch, as it will be called, will act as a museum as well as a research center, and is scheduled to open on January 2, 2019.

The museum, which is less than an hour away from St Moritz, aims to attract “devoted art lovers who are ready to spend a whole day exploring and learning in-depth about the exhibitions, and enjoying the spectacular nature around”, Kulczyk told the Art Newspaper.  

The space will be just over 16,000 square feet of exhibition space and the first show will be organized by Kasia Redzisz, a senior curator at Tate Liverpool. Redzisz will present works by 30 international artists that challenge the traditional ideals of the body and what is considered to be feminine.

The museum’s programming will naturally draw from Kulczyk’s highly-esteemed collection, which includes works by artists like Olafur Eliasson, Donald Judd, Jenny Holzer, Agnes Martin, Joan Mitchell, Alina Szapocznikow and many more. The museum also announced that it will be actively commissioning works, the first of which will be a sculpture by the Polish artist Monika Sosnowska and is set to be as tall as the building itself.

“An exceptionally important place in the collection is held by the works of female artists,” Kulczyk told ARTnews, “and many of my projects to date have focused on promoting and supporting women in their artistic endeavours. For the inaugural exhibition, Kasia has chosen to present work from the collection and elsewhere, that addresses these issues and explores the notion of the feminine, body politics, and traditional gender roles.”

In addition to the exhibitions planned by the museum, the space will also act as a “center for debate, inquiry and learning,” Kulczyk said, and house a research center that, along with the Institut Kunst, Basel, will research gender-related issues in art and science. It also plans to incorporate a contemporary performance and dance program, a multi-disciplinary residency program, and an annual symposium.

“Each of these pillars of the museum examine and showcase artists, movements, and ideas that have been marginalized or left outside the canon,” Kulczyk said. “My own history as an independent, creative entrepreneur is at the root of this. I understand and have an emotional connection with the issues women face in their artistic endeavors. The museum will seek to give a voice and platform to those who have previously not had the opportunity to be heard.”

The museum’s location is close to two historic Swiss centers of wealth, Davos and St. Moritz, which Kulczyk said “creates an interesting paradox,” as “Susch itself is an idyllic, sleepy town.” She further said that she thinks “the proximity to these influential places will inspire new ways of creative and critical thinking and ideas.”