Your guide to Art Fairs in Paris in October

Your guide to Art Fairs in Paris in October
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With more than seven art fairs taking place almost at the same time, Paris becomes the Art capital of the world during the end of October. Whether you live there or are planning a trip, here is your definitive guide to Paris’ most anticipated art fairs.

Foire Internationale d’Art Contemporain, better known as FIAC, is one of the biggest and oldest art fairs in Europe, with over 195 participating galleries and a 44 year long legacy. This includes some of the biggest and best galleries in the world, as well as smaller emerging players. 

When: Oct 18-21
Where: Grand Palais
Size: Huge (195 Galleries)

Art Elysees
Focusing on modern and contemporary art as well as design and furniture, Art Elyse is where 75 galleries from all around the world showcase their programs right on the Chemps-Elyses.

When: Oct 18-22
Where: Avenue Chemps-elyses
Size: Pretty big (75+ Galleries)

Paris Contemporary Art Show by YIA Art Fair also focuses on modern and contemporary art and has been running since 2010.

When: Oct 18-21
Where: Le Carreau du Temple
Size: Quite big (65+ Galleries)

Asia Now!
A relatively new fair, Asia Now is dedicated to showcasing and promoting contemporary Asian Art and its market.

When: Oct 17-21
Where: 9 avenue Hoche
Size: Moderate (42 Galleries)

Outsider Art
Outsider Art is an art fair dedicated entirely to exactly that: Outsider Art. This is a genre of art that is described as naive for its often created by artists who have not been formally trained or worked within the conventional structures of art production.

When: Oct 18-21,
Where: Atelier Richelieu
How Big: Moderate (40 Galleries)

Paris Internationale
A relatively new player in the Parisian art fair scene, Paris Internationale is for emerging artists and a younger generation of galleries. With lower costs to participation, Paris Internationale tends to attract more risk-taking and fresh blood to the market.

When: Oct 17-21,
Where: 16 Rue Alfred de Vigny,
How Big: Moderate (50 Galleries)

Bienvenue Paris
Bienvenue is also a newer fair with an innovative and interesting model. Lasting two weeks instead of three to four days, this art fair hails itself as “a cross between a fair and a collective exhibition”, with only 20 galleries invited to participate.

When: Oct 16-27
Where: Cité internationale des arts
How Big: Small (20 Galleries)